Donnacha Loves Dubliner

Ireland rugby star and friend of Dubliner Cheese, Donncha O’Callaghan, took time out of his busy schedule to spend the day with the Dubliner family to put his farming, grading and cooking skills to the test and to learn about how Dubliner Cheese is made, the nutritional and health benefits of cheese and to uncover the secret to Dubliner’s unique taste.

Dubliner Cheese was founded in 1995 and prides itself on being a multi award-winning cheese, owing to lifetimes of heritage cheese-making. But, what makes Dubliner Cheese so special?

Who better than rugby legend and Cork man Donncha O’Callaghan to find out…  

Dubliner Cheese is very versatile with varieties to suit all tastes. Whether its Original, Light or something a little stronger like Vintage, there is lots to choose from. If you fancy a sandwich, a sprinkle on a salad, a tasty and nutritious pasta dish like Breffney’s or sliced on top of a burger, Dubliner Cheese will add a distinctive taste to any meal.

Nutritionally, cheddar cheese is a great source of protein and calcium. In fact, Donncha was surprised to learn about the benefits of cheese. Did you know?

  • It’s naturally full of goodness!! Cheddar cheese is packed with vitamins and minerals that contribute to the maintenance of many processes in our bodies. It provides calcium and phosphorus for bones; zinc and iodine for cognitive function; and vitamins A, B2, and B 12 for immune function.
  • Cheese is included in the Department of Health’s guidelines for healthy eating, which suggests three servings from the ‘milk, yogurt and cheese’ food group each day as part of a balanced diet. The recommended serving size is 25 g.
  • Muscles need protein, especially after exercise so cheese is a great snack after sport, providing 6.4 g per portion.
  • Worried about lactose? No need, cheddar is virtually lactose free, with less than 0.03 g in a serving.
  • Irish people love cheese! In a recent study, 45% of people say that can’t live without cheese

As a health-conscious sportsman, Donncha was delighted to learn how cheese can contribute positively to his diet:

“Sometimes there is so much negativity associated with consuming cheese in our diets and I was absolutely astonished to learn about the nutritional value of Dubliner Original Cheese. For my entire playing career, good nutrition was extremely important to my fitness and match prep and recovery, if only I knew I could have been munching on cheese instead of packing in lots of unappetising snacks to boost my nutrient intake. I’m not one for cooking but after a few hours with Breffney and since I pulled off the best toastie she’s ever tasted…I might just give it another go!”

Aoife O’Donovan, Brand Manager at Dubliner Cheese, says:

“Dubliner Cheese has a great story to tell and we were delighted to have Donncha take time out to come and visit us and help us to tell the brand story. Dubliner Cheese has had great success, and this is a testament to the quality of the cheese and the hard-work and dedication by the whole team, from the farmers, through to the graders and everyone in between. Quality sets us apart and consumers recognise this, and we have cemented our place as a household favourite. We were delighted to surprise Donncha with our nutritional qualities, we are hoping the public will be surprised too.”

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