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Get your grill on! World renowned pitmaster DJ BBQ to host a series of intimate Deep South master classes at the Fire & Smoke Pitmaster Academy Pop-up in Smithfield Plaza

Fire-grilled, smoked meats and bad ass barbequing – that’s what you can expect at the Fire & Smoke Pitmaster Academy on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May. Smithfield Plaza will host a pop-up BBQ barn, specially built for a series of authentic Deep South cooking classes, under the expert tuition of celebrated international pitmaster, DJ BBQ.

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Each two-hour session has been specially curated for food lovers to equip them with the hands-on skills needed to transform their burnt bangers into melt in your mouth brisket and unleashing their inner backyard BBQ hero. This unique cooking experience, celebrating the flavours of Deep South USA, will give BBQ enthusiasts the opportunity to learn from authentic pitmasters over an open BBQ fire pit as they are brought through the art of cooking low ‘n’ slow, fire grilling, smoking meats at home, making the ultimate Deep South sauces, selecting the right equipment and the all-important meat selection. The second half of the masterclass will see DJ BBQ joined by Ireland’s foremost BBQ and live fire events expert, Andy Noonan, to demonstrate and serve a specially selected menu of Deep South inspired dishes straight from the fire-pit to participants, The Pitmasters Platter is guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds and will be easily replicated on home barbeques.

Commenting on the Fire and Smoke Pitmaster Academy, DJ BBQ said “The Pitmaster Academy is about educating and entertaining people about the truly unique cooking methods and flavours of the Deep South. We want to give people the knowledge to truly appreciate the craft of deep south cooking methods – BBQ-ing is so much more than just grilling some meat”, adding “We hope the skills learnt in a few short hours at the Fire & Smoke Pitmaster Academy, whether it’s the art of meat mastery, making a great tasting brisket or demonstrating the flavour that comes with the different types of wood, will create some budding BBQ enthusiasts to share the passion I have for Deep South cooking.” 

Just over a year in the market, the Fire & Smoke brand has taken inspiration from the pitmaster craft of the American Deep South, smothered in Deep South style marinades and smoked over oak and mesquite woodchips for maximum flavour and an unmistakeable taste and flavour. The brand has been awarded numerous prestigious accolades including an Irish Food Quality Award, All Ireland Marketing Award and an Anuga Taste Award. Latest to the exciting range is a mouth-watering Fire & Smoke Pulled Meats collection, cooked low ‘n’ slow over wood chips, flame grilled and hand rubbed in two distinctive Deep South glazes. The Carolina Taste Sweet Mustard Pulled Pork takes inspiration from the mustard based BBQ glaze native to South Carolina while the Missouri Style Chipotle Pulled Chicken delivers a chilli kick that will fire up any mealtime.

Tickets are free and there are four sessions to choose from, simply register on  now to win your place at the Fire & Smoke Pitmaster Academy

Friday 26th May 12:30-2:30pm

Friday 26th May 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday 27th May 1-3pm

Saturday 27th May 5-7pm


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