After School Snacks For Busy Kids

fruit skewers

After school snacks for busy kids.

School is back and the kids are now back in their usual routine of school, activities and home. This means the next few months are going to be busy and as parents, the hardest thing can be ensuring your kids have enough of the right food to eat while they are busy. Whether your kid is sporty or is playing the piano they will need to have a snack after school to get them to dinner time without moaning of starvation or exhaustion!

Shop bought snacks do the job but they are riddled with hidden sugars which will give your child a sugar rush and can cause their body to crash later. Serving your kids snacks that are healthy is vital to keeping their blood sugars level and providing youngsters with the key nutrients they need daily. Here we have put together some tips and recipes on snacks ranging from zero-time to around the 30-minute preparation mark so you can have healthy snacks no matter how little time you have spare.

Zero-time snacks

If you are tight on time, simple snacks can be the best, a pack of mixed nuts, dried fruit or bananas/apples are brilliant car friendly snacks to appease your child until dinner time. Yogurts are wonderful too and you can add some granola to a yogurt pot in seconds before throwing into a tub before sealing for your child to eat in the car later. Busy parents don’t always have time to prepare foods before their kid is finished school and that is understandable but if you do have a bit more time there are a few great options here…

Five minute snacks

Our fruit skewers take a tiny amount of effort but can be made in less than five minutes. They are bright and colourful, why not get them involved in creating their own skewers, as they would be more likely to eat every last bite.

Fruit Skewers Recipefruit skewers

Another great option is this easy peasy recipe of apples and almond butter. They literally take minutes and can be popped into a Tupperware container as you walk out the door to collect your child.

Apple & Nut Butter Boats

apple and almond butter boats


Thirty minute snacks

If you have some extra time on your hands these little cookies are a delightful treat! They do have sugar and sweet stuff in them so it is best to keep them as a treat. But they are also made with oats and cranberries which are great for energy. Even better once made, they can keep up to three days in a Tupperware container.

Cranberry White Chocolate & Oat Cookies

cranberry_white_choc_oatmeal_cookies Cookies


Looking for something full of fruit and nuts? Well look no further than these perfectly balanced oat bars made with bananas, oats and dried fruits and nuts. They also can be made on a Sunday evening and kept fresh in a Tupperware container for each day of the week for a healthy after school snack. Crucially, they are ideal to grab and pop into your bag for your kid with no mess as they will be gobbled up quickly!

Fyffes Banana Oat Bars



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